I offer professional research and advisory services in relation to accessible information, affected populations, legal requirements and standards, and available assistive technologies.

I also provide specialist advice on the implementation of the NHS Accessible Information Standard (AIS).

AIS requires that all documents are in a form anyone can access, understand and use and that face to face communications are also supported appropriately to enable full participation.

The standard requires five steps:  1) ask people about their communication needs; 2) record those needs; 3) make sure those needs are flagged up on the system; 4) share this information with relevant care providers; 5) act on the information in a timely and effective fashion.

The Accessible Information Standard has the force of law and was due for implementation by all health and social care providers by 31 July 2016.

My colleagues and I offer comprehensive advice and guidance to health and social care providers, commissioning groups and IT systems suppliers about how to implement the AIS in the most cost effective way possible.  This includes use of the unique RoboNHS package for automatic generation of alternative format documents, developed in partnership with Robobraille in Denmark for NHS health and social care settings.

If you are interested in learning more about the help we may be able to provide please request a briefing paper on how to implement the Accessible Information Standard in practice and/or get in touch.